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Rubber ramp PR-1 for entering the curb - buy from a warehouse at the manufacturer's price

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If it is impossible to dismantle the curb, rubber ramps are used to drive onto the curb. Durable, non-corrosive, maintenance-free, rubber ramps are used to organize ramps / ramps on curbs

  • at intersections and pedestrian crossings for people with limited mobility and cyclists
  • for cars when organizing parking on the sidewalk or driving to the territory.

Rubber ramp PR-1 for driving onto a curb, characteristics:

Rubber ramp PR1 is designed to be installed in front of a curb 12 cm and higher.
Length 700mm.
The rubber ramp has a height of 120mm
depth 195mm
weight 9.5kg

This model of ramps has a height of 12cm and the ability to install the side parts of the ramp, for a smooth sideways drive.

The rubber ramp PR-1 is suitable in a place where the height of the curb is 12 cm and a little higher.

The central part of the PR1 rubber ramp has 3 holes for fitting into the road surface.

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