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Buy polyurethane tactile tiles from a warehouse - low price in UAH: availability

PT12 polyurethane tactile tile strip 300x300mm
Polyurethane tactile tiles PT12- tiles with longitudinal stripes in the figure. Provides a path for ..
130.00 грн
PT14 polyurethane tactile tile point 300x300
Polyurethane tactile tiles PT14Polyurethane tactile tiles are installed on an existing surface, both..
130.00 грн
PT12-400x400 polyurethane tactile tiles strip 400x400mm
PT12-400x400 polyurethane tactile tiles strip 400x400mm - characteristics:Tactile tiles, for outdoor..
185.00 грн
PT14-400х400 polyurethane tactile tile point 400х400
Polyurethane tactile tile of PT14 of 400 mm:Tactile warning tileSize, mm: 400x400Height, mm: 8 (3 + ..
185.00 грн
PT-K1-0.47 glue for polyurethane tactile tiles
Glue for polyurethane tactile tiles of the PT12 and PT14 series.Also suitable for bonding PT32 tacti..
210.00 грн
PT-K2-14.4 two-component adhesive for tactile tiles
PT-K2-14.4 two-component adhesive for polyurethane tactile tiles - characteristics:Weight kg: 14.4 (..
2 592.00 грн
Buy polyurethane tactile tiles from a warehouse - low price in UAH: availability

Tile for the visually impaired - tactile tile polyurethane


internal and external use

Types of refraction of a polyurethane tactile tile:

with longitudinal straight stripes

with tactile dots in linear order

Places of installation of a tactile tile:

hospitals, pharmacies

educational institutions

post offices

places with high passability

places in front of the steps

Polyurethane tactile tile - installation method:

the polyurethane tactile tile is mounted in an overhead way. Polyurethane glue is used for its fastening to a surface.

The temperature required for installation on polyurethane glue makes from +10 C.

Rating of use of a polyurethane tactile tile

Indoors, polyurethane tactile tiles take first place. Does not require dismantling of the old surface, easy to install. Due to the resistance to temperature changes, resistance to aggressive environments, also used outdoors. However, when used outdoors, polyurethane tactile tiles are not the leader, inferior to concrete and polymer sand tactile tiles.

Advantages of a polyurethane tactile tile:

clear reading of tactile indicators

resistance to aggressive environment


bright yellow color provides good visibility

ease of installation

Polyurethane tactile tile is ready for shipment from a warehouse and is available to buy a tactile tile at the low price in UAH


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