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Buy polymer sand tactile tiles from a warehouse - low price in UAH: pickup, delivery, availability

PT0130 tactile warning tile
Tactile tiles. PT0130 characteristics:Durable polymer sand 330mm x 330mm x 30mm (height), weight 4.7..
74.00 грн
ПТ0230 (з прямими смугами) тактильна плитка направляюча 330х330х30мм
Polymer sandy tactile tiles are tactile floor signs made of polymer sand that are resistant to aggre..
74.00 грн
PT0330 rotary tactile tile
Rotatable tactile tiles.The swivel tactile tile allows you to correctly indicate the direction of ro..
92.00 грн
Buy polymer sand tactile tiles from a warehouse - low price in UAH: pickup, delivery, availability

Tactile tiles.

The production of tactile tiles from polymer and sand has reduced the cost of tactile tiles in comparison with concrete tiles, while polymer sand tactile tiles are resistant to external loads and are indelible to the tactile pattern.

In this technology, during production, sand and polymer are melted at a high temperature and pressed into a mold under high pressure. Ultra-strong polymer sand has found application in both tactile and conventional paving slabs due to its low price and high performance characteristics.

The size of the tactile polymer sand tile is 330x300x30mm

 Tactile polymer sand tiles are used for outdoor use on the street. Fits in one level with the road surface.

Drawing on tactile tiles

Tactile tiles with stripes are used in the straight line of travel. Tactile tiles with dots in the figure are used in the places of turning, intersection of the carriageway, the beginning of steps, in front of the entrance to the building.

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