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Plastic road posts

40cm DS01 road plastic post
The road plastic post hastwo thin reflective stripes.Height 400mmColumn diameter 80mmColumn base dia..
220.00 грн
ДС1 стовпчик дорожній пластиковий помаранчевий  670мм
Plastic road posts with a height of 67 cm are the average height of all available options for plasti..
255.00 грн
1m DS2 road plastic post
Road dividing bollard DS2 is intended for dividing traffic flows, fencing the edge of the sites. Due..
330.00 грн
KR04 fasteners for the installation of DS posts
Fasteners for the installation of road posts plastic and rubber series DSConsists of 1 nylon dowel 8..
18.00 грн
Plastic road posts

Road plastic posts

Designs are designed to separate and direct the movement of vehicles. They define and enclose islands of safety on the roads, and are also used to mark the boundaries of the territory where repairs are carried out. Elements of the arrangement of roads orient drivers and pedestrians, signal them about the danger.

The markings of plastic road posts are usually red and white, and self-adhesive retroreflective films or tapes are also in the supplement. Plastic posts can be made in the following variants: with a circular cross section and a straight top, which are installed on the roadway, as well as structures with a triangular cross section and a beveled top for mounting on curbs.

What are the benefits of plastic? Plastic road posts can last for many years and will not require painting. A huge advantage of the structures is the resistance to corrosion processes. Also, plastic posts are quite light in weight, and cable plastic or polyethylene with composite additives in the composition can guarantee elasticity. Due to this quality, the car body will not be affected when hitting them.

There are two types of plastic road posts:

1. Dividing road posts - they are also guides
2. Signal Road Bollards

The dividing plastic posts are round, have a height of 0.5 m to 1 m, parking posts share parking places, road posts - parking areas, traffic islands, share traffic flows of oncoming cars. The guide dividing columns have reflective strips on the case to be visible at any time of the day. Mounted on an anchor over the pavement.

Signal road posts are flat - hollow inside or in the form of a plate (flexible) - are installed along the tracks and public roads to signal the edge of the road. Always equipped with reflective elements for visibility in the dark. How is the installation of plastic signal fencing? They are installed by deepening into the ground near the road. First you need to make all the necessary measurements and designate the line of the future fence. Then pits of the same depth are made. Fundamental filling must be done at the corners, and other holes should be covered with earth or gravel.

Plastic posts for fencing

Plastic is not only a modern solution, but also a number of advantages over other building materials:

    Corrosion Resistance

    Ecological, do not pose a threat to health

    An exception to the fact that insects may form inside the plastic posts

    Withstand low and high temperatures: from -20 to +50

    Mold resistant

    Nice looking

    Will last for many years

    Easy to install

    High strength

Delivery of road and parking plastic posts to all settlements of Ukraine

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