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Ramps - Check into the curb

PR1 rubber ramp for curb 12cm
If it is impossible to dismantle the curb, rubber ramps are used to drive onto the curb. Durable, no..
425.00 грн
PRU1 corner for the PR1 ramp
Corner part of the ramp PR1.Combined use with:rubber ramp PR1 12cm highThe rubber ramp corner PRU1 i..
117.00 грн
PR2-5 rubber ramp for border 5+cm
Rubber ramp PR2-5 is a model of a ramp for a smooth ride on a hill with a height of 5+ cmThe height ..
510.00 грн
PR3-10 rubber ramp for border 10cm
Rubber ramp PR3-10 10 cm high is used as:rubber ramp for entering the curbrubber ramp to enter the g..
670.00 грн
PR4-15 rubber ramp 15cm
High curb ramp made of rubber - for driving on a curb with a height of 15+ cmFunction of rubber ramp..
1 150.00 грн
KR02 Mounts for mounting ramps and wheel bumpers
Mounts for mountingrubber wheel bumpers of the RK and RKS seriesrubber ramps PRConsists of 1 nylon d..
18.00 грн
Ramps - Check into the curb

A ramp is a platform with a slope that connects the upper and lower horizontal surfaces of different heights. The design is most often used for the convenient movement of vehicles.

Ramp use areas

Designs must be installed near the front entrances to guarantee the arrival of devices with which the patient can move without assistance. In addition, devices are used to move cars between floors of garages. The design can be a replacement of the stairs inside and outside the premises.

Builders install the device in high-rise buildings and tunnels under the roadway. So that without difficulties it was possible to move children's and wheelchairs, stairs should be equipped with ramps.

The design is hinged format and is fixed to the steps or even to the wall on a special loop. At the same time, the design is equipped with a handle so that there are no difficulties during operation.

Rubber ramps come in standard designs of different heights - usually 12cm and 15cm. The weight of the central section is about 14kg. On the back of the ramp there is a cutout for water drainage. It is very difficult to change the rubber ramp on your own, so we recommend that you initially select the required height, which is better if it is less than more. Rubber ramps for entering the curb are used for races to a higher level of pavement or parking.

The metal fixture is usually made of steel coated with zinc, aluminum, and the density of the materials is 1-3 millimeters. The sizes of the runners can be 40x200x20 mm, and the distance between them is 250-300 mm. Naturally, the dimensions are set to order. However, ramps with different heights are designed to achieve several goals. The platform of the inner side of the structure, comprising 20 mm, serves to move strollers and luggage. The ramp has a safe edge in which there are no sharp edges.

Also, in large cities and towns, ramps with attached curbs are common. According to the rules, such structures are installed at the intersection of streets and where the curb begins. Be sure to consider the width of the device when mounting on the roadway. It should be the same size as the designated carriageway of the pedestrian crossing.

There are portable curb ramps that are made of fiberglass. They weigh from about 8 to 13 kilograms, and the designs are painted in bright orange color, they are also durable and easily fit in the trunk of the car.

How to define "low-quality"? The ramp has side walls that make the stroller move in parallel with the structure. When ascending or descending, it is necessary to expose the tool in the direction of travel before the device. The stroller should move in one direction until the wheels of the inclined platform leave. Even a slight change in the angle of movement can provoke a lock on the wheels. Also, the side walls of the structure can have sharp corners that are dangerous to people.

Builders make “substandard” ramps quite simple. First, curbs are installed that limit the road, and then experts mount the curbs of the pedestrian road. Their length is 1 meter, and by standards a ramp of the same size is enough, so this is a pretty convenient option. The curb, falling in the width of the road, set flat side down (flat) and this will be considered the beginning of the ramp.

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