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Rubber ramp for driving onto the curb 5+ cm PR2-5 buy from a warehouse - low price in UAH

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Rubber ramp PR2-5 is a model of a ramp for a smooth ride on a hill with a height of 5+ cm

The height of the PR2-5 rubber ramp is 5.2 cm, which allows it to be used when smoothing road irregularities that have a difference of 5-8 centimeters.

This type of rubber ramps is used in warehouses, entrances to garages, entrances, as well as on roads at the entrance to sidewalks.

Wide at low heights, these ramps have a sloping surface, which allows them to be used for a smooth ride on curbs

  • motorists
  • people with disabilities, as well
  • cyclists and
  • parents with strollers

High quality products and the presence of reflective elements on the surface guarantee the safety of the product and a long service life.

Rubber ramp PR2-5 - characteristics:

For a smooth ride on a 5cm curb

Length, mm: 500

Width, mm: 235

Height, mm: 52


2 mounting holes

Reflective yellow coating - 30% of the total surface

Rubber ramp PR2-5 is suitable for curbs 5+ cm

Ramps in stock and available to buy at a low price in UAH

What is a rubber ramp for?

The rubber ramp is designed to smoothly overcome sudden changes in height by wheeled vehicles, such as cars (trucks, cars), baby strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs, scooters, carts, etc.

The rubber ramp PR-2-5 is made of extra strong, abrasion-resistant, reinforced rubber. Able to withstand heavy loads, resistant to deformation, does not require maintenance, resistant to aggressive environments (salts, chemicals, oils), resistant to environmental influences (temperature changes, precipitation), has an anti-slip surface.

How is a curb ramp used?

Can be used both outdoors and indoors.

This rubber check can be either temporary and applied if necessary, or permanent if it is attached with anchors or dowel screws.

Where is the rubber ramp used?

The rubber ramp is widely used in parking lots, parking lots, in the yards of residential complexes, for entrances to front doors, in places of loading and unloading vehicles, in places where thresholds are overcome, entrances to garages, in warehouse areas, in production workshops, in medical social and public institutions and entrances to them.

Where can I order a ramp for a rubber curb?

You can order a rubber curb ramp in our company, we always maintain the required volume in our warehouses, our managers will help you place an order and arrange shipment.

How to order a ride on a rubber curb?

You can use the quick order form on our website, place an order by phone, send a request by e-mail or viber.

How to receive the ordered goods?

You can receive the goods after payment in our warehouses by self-delivery, or we send it by any possible delivery service, the goods are sent on the day of payment for the order or the next day.

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