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Rubber ramps for border entry

PR1 rubber ramp for curb 12cm
If it is impossible to dismantle the curb, rubber ramps are used to drive onto the curb. Durable, no..
425.00 грн
PRU1 corner for the PR1 ramp
Corner part of the ramp PR1.Combined use with:rubber ramp PR1 12cm highThe rubber ramp corner PRU1 i..
117.00 грн
PR2-5 rubber ramp for border 5+cm
Rubber ramp PR2-5 is a model of a ramp for a smooth ride on a hill with a height of 5+ cmThe height ..
510.00 грн
PR3-10 rubber ramp for border 10cm
Rubber ramp PR3-10 10 cm high is used as:rubber ramp for entering the curbrubber ramp to enter the g..
670.00 грн
PR4-15 rubber ramp 15cm
High curb ramp made of rubber - for driving on a curb with a height of 15+ cmFunction of rubber ramp..
1 150.00 грн
Rubber ramps for border entry

Rubber ramps

Rubber ramps can serve well in the winter and in the rainy season. The rubber coating on the surface of the structure is non-slip, which is safe for people.
For example, tiled ramps have a slippery surface at any time of the year, and after rain or winter, the risk of injury increases significantly.

Rubber ramps have several advantages, among which are resistance to wear and abrasion, a simple way to clean from dirt even using ordinary water, reliability and ease of movement.
In addition, there are different colors for such designs, so you can choose the one that suits the exterior of the building. Rubber ramps are very convenient in operation and do not require additional equipment if they need to be moved.
The structures are quite simple to install and easily attached to any surface: metal, concrete, asphalt.
Rubber ramps are installed in various places so that people, especially those with limited mobility, can freely get to the right place. Also, designs are made from environmental materials and absorb sound well.
The advantages of rubber ramps include chemical resistance. If any substance gets on the material, there will be no risk of damage to the structure of the structure.
In winter, ramps easily tolerate low air temperatures, so do not worry about their condition.
If repair is necessary, the rubber ramps are easily detached from the surface and disassembled.

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