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Polyurethane tactile tiles PT14 - buy from a warehouse: availability, low price in UAH

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Polyurethane tactile tiles PT14

Polyurethane tactile tiles are installed on an existing surface, both indoors and outdoors - this especially makes tactile polyurethane tiles a versatile and widespread option for organizing an accessible environment for people with visual impairments.

Dots on a tactile tile in the form of convex reliefs give a person information that there is an obstacle ahead or a change in the direction of movement. This increases the safety of visually impaired people at public transport stops, when passing through intersections, when entering steps or into buildings. The reliefs on the PT14 tactile tiles are arranged in a linear order, which signals a surmountable obstacle ahead.

The polyurethane tactile warning tile is used along with the tactile guide tile to create continuous cues on the path of the visually impaired. The bright yellow color of the polyurethane tactile tiles, as the last color that the human eye recognizes in case of loss of vision, is a good helper on this path.

Polyurethane tactile tiles PT14 30 x 30cm - characteristics:

Tactile warning tile
Size, mm: 300x300
Total height of tiles, mm: 8
Relief height on the tile, mm: 5
Installation type: surface-mounted installation
Material: thermoplastic raw material - durable flexible polyurethane
Fire resistance PT14, class: B2
Non-slip tactile surface
Scope of use: for outdoor and indoor use

Tactile tiles PT14 with a size of 300x300mm are available to buy at a low price in UAH.

Available in the warehouse in the quantity required for the simultaneous closure of several objects of any size.

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