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LTP02 road barrier with yellow-black tape - buy at a low price in UAH

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Plastic road barrier  with an exhaust tape of the LTM02 series have a hollow plastic base for filling it with sand or gravel. The advantages of this design are reduced transportation costs and a lower total cost of the product compared to plastic tape fences with rubber supports LTP01.

The maximum distance between the uprights in operation when the tape is fully extended from the tape spool is 3 meters. Plastic tape fences LTP02 can be interconnected in a continuous line. The yellow and black tape stretched between the uprights makes it impossible to access between the uprights. When it is necessary to open the passage and remove the racks, the tapes are drawn into the coil of the rack and remain inside the rack. At any moment, the tapes are pulled out of the reel and connected to the adjacent road post.

Zones for temporary repair, construction, road works, delimitation of space in warehouses and production workshops, determination of boundaries, separation of parking spaces - the area of ​​application of plastic tape fences has a very wide range. Resistance to corrosion makes plastic tape fences available for use not only indoors, but also outdoors.

Plastic strip railings LTP02 yellow-black, characteristics:

Plastic road barrier with yellow-black pull-out tape
Tape length, m: 3
Height, mm: 1000
Weight, kg: 2-7
pipe Ø, mm: 60-63
base Ø, mm: 350

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