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50m Bright dense plastic mesh for fencing building sites PS01-7 available, low price in UAH

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Grid plastic signal protecting PS-01-7

Made of durable red or pink plastic, has a cell size of 70x180 mm, height (width) 1 meter, sold in rolls, in one roll of 50 meters of mesh. The price of the grid is indicated per roll.

The weight of the roll is 4 kilograms.

50m Plastic mesh emergency - bright dense PS01-7 - application:

Enclosing mesh is widely used as a budget temporary signal fence used in conjunction with DS-5 plastic signal milestone or DSM-06 metal holder for signal network.

Emergency alarm grid is used by utilities to separate the area temporarily inaccessible during repair work, to mark the perimeter of activities, in winter the fencing grid is used to mark dangerous areas (possible icicles, slippery descent, possible collapse, danger of avalanches, etc. ..).

Construction and repair organizations use this grid to mark the work area to make it more visible and safe for others.

Road services also often use a signal grid during road works, marking dangerous areas, creating clearer and safer conditions for all road users.

Fencing net is widely used in agriculture for the division of planting zones, fencing of garden berry areas, informing others about unwanted intrusion into the area during ripening (increases the likelihood of reaching the ripening time for harvest by the owner).

Plastic separate barrier net is used by livestock enterprises to allocate areas for storage of bedding material, feed storage. Poultry farms for the separation of poultry pastures, etc.

Signal fencing has been so widely used due to its practicality, ease of use and low cost.

Characteristics of the PS01-7 emergency mesh:
Roll of plastic mesh 50 meters
Cell size 70mm x 180mm
Height 1000mm
Red color
Roll weight 4 kg

The PS01-7 plastic emergency net goes well with:

Bright dense plastic mesh for fencing construction sites PS01-7 is available and available to buy a mesh at a low price in any quantity.

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