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Metal pole for mesh, tapes and lights DSM06 buy from a warehouse low price in UAH

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The DSTU norms prescribe the observance of safety measures at the facilities for carrying out repair and construction work, including temporary ones. If it is necessary to introduce safety measures with the help of emergency signal nets, signal strips and lanterns in places in temporary work on an unstable road surface, metal pins holders are used, which are deepened into the road surface for fixation.

A metal holder for a signal net, tapes and emergency lights DSM06 is a universal solution to the issue of fixing emergency fences in places without a solid, even road surface.

Metal post holder for emergency net and flashlights - where is it used?

It is used by utilities, energy supply services, water utilities, road services and construction companies to fence off hazardous areas in accordance with DSTU in conjunction with:
  • plastic signal nets
  • road signal lights
  • signal tapes

How to fix signal nets, tapes and lanterns? - metal pin holder for emergency net and DSM06 flashlights.

Metal holder for emergency equipment DSM06 is used in places with a ground surface. The immersion depth is about 50cm. If necessary, the immersion depth can be changed depending on the requirements of the object.

Fastening of signal nets, tapes and lanterns to the DSM06 metal pins is carried out using clamps (not included in the delivery set)

The total height of the metal holder for fixing the emergency nets and lanterns is 1.5 meters. This height allows the pin to go 50 cm into the road surface and have 1 meter above the ground, sufficient to reinforce a plastic signal mesh or an autonomous road emergency flashing light.

The metal mesh poles are reusable, just like any other portable road fence can be moved to another place of use.

Metal pole for mesh, tapes and lights DSM06 - Features:

Metal holder for emergency equipment, underground immersion

Overall length, mm: 1500

Diameter, mm: 16

With holder

Suitable for signal nets PS01, PS01-7, signal tapes and emergency road lights

Weight 1.1 kg

Milestone color - signal red

Metal pin holder for net and road lights - how to buy in UAH in Ukraine?

We have production facilities and constant availability in the warehouse for the prompt closure of objects of any complexity.

In order to buy metal holders for a plastic emergency mesh, place an order online, by mail or call.

Prompt self-pickup is possible. We deliver all over Ukraine.

Low price in UAH

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