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Buy portable road barriers from a warehouse at a low price

DB04 sliding road barrier
Plastic sliding road barrier DB0High impact plastic, UV resistantWith holes for filling sand for wei..
2 999.00 грн
DB05-2000 + road barrier with signs
 Plastic road barrier 2 meters long with signs in stock and available to buy at a low price in ..
3 800.00 грн
DB05-2000 road barrier 2m
Portable plastic fence 2m - DB05Integrated support feetHigh density polyethyleneLength, mm: 2000Widt..
3 100.00 грн
МО01 оцинкована мобільна огорожа 2500мм 15кг
Length 2500 mmTotal height 1100 mmHeight of the central panel is 850 mmDiameter of a pipe is 25 mm (..
4 053.00 грн
DB01 road barrier
DB01 road barrier, plasticLength, mm: 1980Width, mm: 48Height, mm: 1000High quality plastic material..
3 999.00 грн
DF01 red road light
The signal road battery lantern is shock-resistantLens color: redSize, mm: 220x120x360Bilateral ligh..
587.00 грн
DP27 27kg base for road barriers
Base 25-27kg for road signs, fences, temporary barriers DP27Suitable for joint use with road markers..
775.00 грн
MO01+ galvanized fence 2.5 m 20 kg
Length 2500 mmTotal height 1100 mmHeight of the central panel is 850 mmDiameter of a pipe is 38,5 mm..
4 912.00 грн
DF02 solar powered red lantern
Red stand-alone emergency light on built-in solar panelsHeight, mm: 240Width, mm: 240Thickness, mm: ..
995.00 грн
MO-coupling for mobile fences 42/42
Combines sections of mobile fences with each otherSuitable for Ø42 pipes..
170.00 грн
MO-DP18 PVC base for MO, 18 kg
Plastic support for mobile protectionsWeight, kg: 18..
672.00 грн
MO06 mobile fence 3.5m, height 2 meters
Length without connectors, mm: 3472Height, mm: 2000Material: hot-dip galvanized steelHeight of a cel..
2 138.80 грн
Buy portable road barriers from a warehouse at a low price

Temporary road barriers - portable road barriers, fences, plastic portable fences of the fence type are used for temporary fencing of the territory, road section, repair work sites, etc.

We offer temporary road fences of various types:

Sliding plastic road barrier DB-04
is compact, convenient for transportation, easily unfolds up to 2.5 m., the possibility of weighting up to 10 kg, quickly installed, the presence of retroreflective elements, the possibility of attaching signal lights.

Road portable fence DB-05
on legs, plastic panel with low windage, length 2 m, weight 13.5 kg, during transportation, the legs turn and the panels fold compactly, equipped with reflective elements, the ability to mount signal lights and information panels, the ability to connect to each other .

Road barriers DB-01 and DB-02
reinforced temporary road barriers with built-in metal profiles in the side of the panel, length 2m, weight without stands 12 kg, used with supports DS-10-P-11 kg.DS-10-P -17kg., DP-27 whose weight is 11kg., 17kg., 27kg. Equipped with reflective elements, the ability to connect with each other, the ability to mount road signs and signal lights.

Our temporary road fences are widely used by public utilities, road and construction organizations, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics companies.

Buy at the manufacturer's price, make a quick order through the site, here you will find a description, specifications, current price for all types of temporary road fences we offer. Orders are accepted by phone, email or viber.

Delivery of portable fences is carried out by any possible carrier or delivery service at the expense of the recipient, other delivery options are also possible, pickup from our warehouses is possible.

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