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DS-20-D portable road bollard
Portable road bollard - for fencing areas of road, construction works, organization of car access to..
495.00 грн
DS20 portable road bollard ⌀70
Column road portable DS20Characteristics of the signal column DS20Base diameter 350 mm, base height ..
420.00 грн
DS21-D portable road bollard 1200x120mm
Portable road bollard with a base for filling with crushed stone - where is it used?The main applica..
590.00 грн
ДС11 стовпчик пластиковий переносний  (ДС1+ДСП1) 700мм
Висота 700ммДіаметр пластикового стовпчика 80ммОдна світлоповертаюча смуга Гумова основа 300мм х 300..
497.00 грн
ДС12 стовпчик пластиковий переносний (ДС2+ДСП1) 1000мм
Висота 1000ммДіаметр пластикового стовпчика 80ммЧотири світлоповертаючи смуги Гумова основа 300мм х ..
586.00 грн
DS3 portable milestone plastic
Portable plastic milestone DS-3This milestone has two parts:milestones - the height of the milestone..
189.00 грн
ДС5 стовпчик пластиковий переносний (полімерна основа ДП6 +віха ДС6) 1200мм
Висота пластикової віхи 1200ммДіаметр віхи 40ммДві світлоповертаючи смуги Полімерна основа 330мм х 3..
430.00 грн
ДП6 підставка для віхи полімерна (для ДС5) (330мм х 330мм х 60мм)
Висота пластикової віхи 1200ммДіаметр віхи 40ммДві світлоповертаючи смуги Полімерна основа 330мм х 3..
320.00 грн
LTP02 road barrier with red and white tape 3m
Fencing for construction works - tensator, fencing with tape LTP02 - characteristics:Plastic rack wi..
1 230.00 грн
LTP02 road barrier with yellow-black tape
Plastic road barrier  with an exhaust tape of the LTM02 series have a hollow plastic base for f..
1 230.00 грн
LTP01 road barrier with red and white tape
Пластикова стійка з витяжною стрічкоюДовжина стрічки, м: 3Висота, мм: 980Вага, кг: 5Ø труби, мм: 70Ø..
1 430.00 грн
LTP01 road barrier with yellow-black tape
Characteristics of plastic road barrier with an exhaust tape LTP01 yellow-black 3m:Plastic road barr..
1 430.00 грн
ДСП1 обтяжувач гумовий для стовпчика (для ДС01,ДС1,ДС2) 300х300х25мм
Гумова основа 300мм х 300мм х 25мм чорнаВага 2кгОбтяжувач для дорожніх стовпчиків..
168.00 грн
Buy portable posts from a warehouse, low price in UAH: pickup, delivery, availability,

Road portable posts - temporary barriers on the road

One of the types of fencing bollards is portable bollards or as they are also called mobile bollards. These are mobile posts, with which you can protect the territory and change the configuration quite easily by rearranging them in the right places. After being used at one facility, they can be transported and used at the next one for a long time.

What is the difference between portable columns?

There are several types of such portable posts, they differ in appearance, color, height, diameter of the post, base diameter, weight, additional functionality, the possibility of using additional equipment, the presence of reflective elements, collapsible or solid, the possibility of changing weight, the possibility of combining into one solid fence.

They differ in recommended places of application outdoors or indoors.

Production material: plastic, metal, stainless steel.

All these differences help our clients to choose the version of the portable bollard that they need to solve their particular tasks in the temporary fencing of the territory.

Our company manufactures and sells various types of portable posts on the Ukrainian market.

Plastic portable signal posts DS-3, DS-5, DS-20, DS-20D, DS-21D, LTP-01.

Metal portable posts TP-02, TP-03, LTM-01, LTM-02, DSM-06.

Stainless portable posts LT-01, LT-02, LT-03, LT-04, LT-05, SK-01, SK-02, SK-03.

The most common are plastic portable bollards, due to their low cost, the ability to use both outdoors and indoors, convenience and ability to perform a wide range of tasks.

They are used as protective plastic bollards, signal portable bollards, parking plastic bollards, chip bollards, security bollards.

You can buy portable bollards at the manufacturer's price on our website here you will also find a description, characteristics, current price for all types of portable plastic, metal and stainless steel bollards we offer.

Delivery of portable columns is carried out by any possible carrier or delivery service at the expense of the recipient, other delivery options are also possible, pickup from our warehouses is possible.

Our company sends portable fences to all cities of Ukraine in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Rozdil, Ternovka, Sarny, Khust, Zolotonosha, Khmelnik, Pereyaslav, Malin, Vyshgorod, Gaisin, Korostyshev, Lebedin, Kanev, Slavutich, Skvira, Berezan, Kagarlyk, Titiev, Lviv, Krivoy Rog, Nikolaev, Mariupol, Vinnitsa, Kherson, Poltava, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Akhtyrka, Manganese, Fastiv, Novaya Kakhovka, Lubny, Zhovti Vody, Svitlovodsk, Irpen, Shepetovka, Romny, Varash, Mirgorod, Podolsk, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Kamianske, Kropyvnytskyi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kremenchug, Ternopil, Lutsk, Bila Tserkva, Kramatorsk, Melitopol, Nikopol, Slavyansk, Uzhgorod, Berdyansk, Pavlograd, Severodonetsk, Kamyanets-Podilsky , Brovary, Konotop, Uman, Mukachevo, Alexandria, Shostka, Berdichev, Bakhmut, Drohobych, Konstantinovka, Nizhyn, Izmail, Novomoskovsk, Kovel, Smela, Chervonograd, Kalush, Borispol, Korosten, Kolomyia, Rubizhne, Chornomorsk, Stry, Priluki, Lozovaya , Chistyakovo, Novograd-Volynsky, Energodar, Novovolynsk, Izyum, Brovary…

We hope these portable fences will help you in solving your problems, make the places of their use more convenient and safer.

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