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Crow control barrier with red tape LTM01 - buy from a warehouse: pickup, delivery, availability, low price

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Mobile rack with tape LTM01 is a structure consisting of a portable column, in which a reel with tape is built. The spool mechanism is designed in such a way that the tape can be pulled out of the spool and pulled back. The coils are interconnected by ribbons and thus can block access and direct the movement of people flows.

Characteristics of a mobile rack with tape LTM02 2.5 (red):

The set includes one stand made of ferrous metal (powder coated in black) with a red exhaust tensator tape
Tape length, m: 2.5
Tape width, cm: 5
Rack height, mm: 900
base Ø, mm: 320
Base height, mm: 45
Weight, kg: 8

Mobile racks with tape LTM01 are available and available to buy racks at a low price


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Tags: industrial safety, public events, keeping distance, equipping car washes and gas stations, equipping warehouses, ensuring security in case of COVID

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