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Semi-automatic parking barrier B8 in stock, low price

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The most convenient, reliable and time-tested - semi-automatic barrier B8.

When raised, the barrier arc snaps into place and is fixed at the top point. After that, the arc of the barrier can only be lowered with a key.

Semi-automatic parking attendant B8 - specifications:

Semi-automatic, self-locking in the up position.

To open (lower) the barrier, a built-in lock is used, 3 keys are included

Height, mm: 550

Width, mm: 450

Pipe diameter, mm: 43

Weight, kg: 8

Built-in lock and three keys included. If it is necessary to have access of several people to one barrier, these keys can be replicated.

It is also possible to manufacture a series of parking barriers with one secret - so that one key can open all the parking barriers located on the site, or any of them.

Parking barriers are in sufficient stock to ensure prompt delivery to facilities of any size.

The B8 valet is installed on 4 anchors, for which 4 holes are provided in the barrier. Often the installation takes place directly on the anchor. In case of poor asphalt, the installation surface is pre-concreted.

In order to buy a B8 semi-automatic parking attendant at a low price,
place an order online or by phone / in messengers.

We produce parking equipment in Ukraine.

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