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Signal road bollards with a detour sign buy from a warehouse in Kiev: availability, low price in UAH

DT03 flexible road pedestal with sign
Flexible road curbstone DT03 with a detour sign and a panel with vertical markingsRoad bollard DT03,..
1 478.00 грн
DT04 road curbstone with a sign
Height, mm: 950Ø of sign, mm: 220Base, mm: 200x150With reflective detour sign and reflective vertica..
2 268.00 грн
DT02 plastic pedestal with detour sign
Plastic road curbstone DT02 with a detour sign, characteristics:Height, mm: 1300Width, mm: 400х300Ø,..
3 100.00 грн
Signal road bollards with a detour sign buy from a warehouse in Kiev: availability, low price in UAH
Signal road bollards in accordance with DSTU 8751: 2017 FENCED ROADS І STRONG PRISTROЇ, are used in conjunction with road signs bypassing obstacles 4.7 - 4.9

Where are road signal bollards with a detour sign used?

Road bollards are used

in places of traffic redirection

on the islands of safety

in front of the entrances to the parking lot

to separate traffic flows before the splitter

The installation of the road bollard guides is designed to help the driver avoid the obstacle on the correct side, therefore the road bollards are equipped with detour signs.
Variants DT03 and DT04 have vertical markings.

What are the road guide bollards?

DT02 - plastic road bollard with a large detour sign

DT03 and DT03 - road curbstones made of flexible plastic, which do not need to be replaced after an accidental run over by a car, equipped with a detour sign and reflective vertical markings

How to choose a road bollard?

All road guide bollards must be provided with a detour sign according to DSTU. At objects of urban significance, when choosing a road bollard, it is necessary to be guided by projects. In a particular case, the choice is made based on visual preferences, since all guide bollards perform the same function and are equally well visible and understandable for drivers.
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