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Architectural columns SO-M-0.85 DSTU 8751 buy from a warehouse at a low price

SP09 architectural bollards
Architectural columns SP09 -they have a thick-walled metal frame inside and a polymer body kit outsi..
992.00 грн
СП15 стовпчик металевий у полімерному кожусі (h=850mm+250mm)
Стовпчики у полимерному кожусі - довоговічні, не потребують щорічної покраски та обслуговування, сті..
1 035.00 грн
Architectural columns SO-M-0.85 DSTU 8751 buy from a warehouse at a low price

Road architectural bollards belong to road protections, are intended

  • to prevent collision with structures located near the road,
  • to streamline the movement of pedestrians and ensure safety
  • to prevent unauthorized entry and parking on the sidewalk, on the lawn, in the park or in the pedestrian zone.

According to DSTU 8751:2017, it belongs to the road barriers of the third group, it has the shape of a column (CO), the main material is metal, therefore, the letter "M" is used in the marking according to DSTU.

Architectural bollards SP09 and SP15 have a height of 0.85 m above the road surface and correspond to the marking according to DSTU 8751 - SO-M-0.85 DSTU 8751 (intermediate, metal, height 0.85 m).

The color of the barrier posts for the city is recommended to be chosen in contrast with the color of the roadway. Therefore, the SP09 and SP15 posts are made in black and stand out well among the gray asphalt and paving slabs, which are usually light colors.

The design of fencing posts for the city SP09 and SP15 consists of:

    thick-walled metal pipe along the entire length of the post
    high-strength polymer bodywork throughout the above-ground part of the column.

We have two options for the execution of architectural columns in a polymer body kit:

    for historical and central parts of cities - road bollard SP09
    more classic road bollard in a polymer casing - SP15

Our posts stand in the historical center in Podil, on the central streets of ancient cities such as Kyiv, Drohobych, Odessa.

Outwardly, poles in a polymer body kit are similar to cast-iron poles, they also have the same indicators of resistance to reagents, but they are more affordable both in price and in transportation and installation.

Architectural bollards are available to buy at a low price.

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