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Buy temporary fences for the city from a warehouse - low price in UAH: pickup, delivery, availability

DB04 sliding road barrier
Plastic sliding road barrier DB0High impact plastic, UV resistantWith holes for filling sand for wei..
2 999.00 грн
DB05-2000 + road barrier with signs
 Plastic road barrier 2 meters long with signs in stock and available to buy at a low price in ..
3 800.00 грн
DB05-2000 road barrier 2m
Portable plastic fence 2m - DB05Integrated support feetHigh density polyethyleneLength, mm: 2000Widt..
3 100.00 грн
VB04-1200 red road water barrier 1,2 m
Water-filled road barrier VB-04 - description and use:Plastic road block VB-04 is manufactured in th..
2 121.00 грн
МО01 оцинкована мобільна огорожа 2500мм 15кг
Length 2500 mmTotal height 1100 mmHeight of the central panel is 850 mmDiameter of a pipe is 25 mm (..
4 053.00 грн
DB01 road barrier
DB01 road barrier, plasticLength, mm: 1980Width, mm: 48Height, mm: 1000High quality plastic material..
3 999.00 грн
DP27 27kg base for road barriers
Base 25-27kg for road signs, fences, temporary barriers DP27Suitable for joint use with road markers..
750.00 грн
MO01+ galvanized fence 2.5 m 20 kg
Length 2500 mmTotal height 1100 mmHeight of the central panel is 850 mmDiameter of a pipe is 38,5 mm..
4 912.00 грн
VB04-1200 white water filling barrier 1.2 m
Length, mm: 1200Width, mm: 480Height, mm: 800Weight, kg: 10Barriers are connected by the type of "sw..
2 121.00 грн
VB03-1000 barrier water-filled red 1m
Length, mm: 1000Width, mm: 480Height, mm: 800Barriers are installed one inside the other for easy tr..
1 697.00 грн
MO-coupling for mobile fences 42/42
Combines sections of mobile fences with each otherSuitable for Ø42 pipes..
224.00 грн
MO-DP18 PVC base for MO, 18 kg
Plastic support for mobile protectionsWeight, kg: 18..
755.00 грн
MO06 mobile fence 3.5m, height 2 meters
Length without connectors, mm: 3472Height, mm: 2000Material: hot-dip galvanized steelHeight of a cel..
2 950.00 грн
VB03-S connector for VB03 blocks
Length, mm: 1500Working length, mm: 1000Resistant to ultraviolet light, temperature -40C - + 60CFor ..
424.00 грн
VB05-1500 red water filling barrier 1.5 m
Length, mm: 1500Width, mm: 480Height, mm: 800Barriers are inserted at the ends into each otherHollow..
2 791.00 грн
VB05-1500 white water filling barrier 1.5 m
Length, mm: 1500Width, mm: 480Height, mm: 800Barriers are inserted at the ends of each otherHollow, ..
2 791.00 грн
Buy temporary fences for the city from a warehouse - low price in UAH: pickup, delivery, availability

In the city, portable fences are used:

during public events

fencing construction sites

when testing new road junctions

Temporary road barriers for mass events - fan barrier

Fences for mass events are portable structures that are installed in the event area to block access or to direct the movement of people.

In the conditions of the city, when fencing events, metal galvanized portable fences are most often used.

Use of temporary fences MO01:

  • fan zone fencing
  • stage back railing
  • perimeter car fencing
  • fan barrier for ice rink fencing
  • cycling and any other competitions.

Metal galvanized fences of the MO-01 series are connected in one continuous chain, making it impossible to disconnect one section and unauthorized passage.

Galvanized temporary fences (fan barriers) MO01 differ in weight, and can be either in the standard version with a weight of 15 kg, or in a weighted version of 20 kg. As the number of people to be contained increases, the weight of the fan barrier needs to be increased.

Metal galvanized fences for construction in the city

Metal barriers of the MO-06 series have a height of 2 meters and are installed on road supports. In the city they are used for fencing areas of construction work. Aesthetically attractive and functional, galvanized sections MO-06 are widely used both in Ukraine and in Europe.

Temporary galvanized fences are fenced construction of cottage townships, repair work. In aggressive environmental conditions, galvanized fences retain their aesthetic appearance.

Sections of the MO-06 portable fence are installed in special polymer supports and fastened with couplings.

Plastic portable fences in the city

In the city, plastic portable fences are used most often by public utilities and repair services when carrying out local repair work.

Plastic road portable sections DB05 have a length of 2 meters and can be interconnected into a continuous target, making it impossible for vehicles and pedestrians to pass through the barrier.

As additional accessories for portable road fences DB05 there are emergency lights DF02 on solar batteries, which, when turned on, flash in the dark.

Plastic portable road barriers DB01 have a metal profile in the side posts; for installation, supports are additionally required in which the portable road barrier is installed. The weight of the supports of 27 kg and the metal posts inside the barrier make it possible to use this temporary fence on roads in the city during road repairs.

Water-filled fencing blocks in the city

Water-filled barriers within the city are used in the repair of roads - the distribution of traffic flows of road transport, and are also used for temporary testing of new interchanges.

So, traffic corridors are built from water-filled blocks in places where in the future it is planned to install stationary road barriers, for example, metal bumpers. After some time, when the effectiveness of this solution is confirmed, plastic water-filled blocks are removed, and stationary fences are installed in their place. Thus, new interchanges and rings in the city are being tested.

Our water-filled barriers are made of virgin plastic, therefore they have a long service life, they differ in size:

water-filling barrier VB-03 - has a length of 1 meter, the sections are folded into each other, the filling volume is 30 liters. Sections are interconnected with additional connectors.

water-filled barriers VB04 - have a length of 1.2 meters, are connected to each other according to the "dovetail" principle, the filling volume is 100 liters

water-filled barriers VB05 - have a length of 1.5 meters, are connected to each other according to the "dovetail" principle, filling volume - 150 liters

Sliding plastic road barriers

DB04 allows you to quickly block access to an object, as well as provide compact storage of portable fences.

As accessories for portable road barriers in the city, road hand signs with stop-go inscriptions are used. These hand signs are designed to help the driver navigate the traffic in areas of road and repair work both within the city and beyond.

Buy temporary road barriers at low prices

Temporary road barriers plastic and metal galvanized are available to buy at a low price

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