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Buy dividing posts plastic and flexible dividers from a warehouse - low price

40cm DS01 road plastic post
The road plastic post hastwo thin reflective stripes.Height 400mmColumn diameter 80mmColumn base dia..
220.00 грн
75cm DS42 flexible road post
Road post for dividing traffic lanes DS42 - flexible delineator 75 cmFlexible post in orange-red sig..
470.00 грн
75cm DS42-UA column road flexible
470.00 грн
ДС1 стовпчик дорожній пластиковий помаранчевий  670мм
Plastic road posts with a height of 67 cm are the average height of all available options for plasti..
255.00 грн
1m DS2 road plastic post
Road dividing bollard DS2 is intended for dividing traffic flows, fencing the edge of the sites. Due..
330.00 грн
75cm DS4 road rubber delineator
Flexible rubber column - delineator - bends and returns to its original position after impactRed col..
610.00 грн
1m DS43-E flexible road post
Road flexible post descriptionSeparates lanes for road repairs. Both within the city limits and on t..
590.00 грн
1m flexible road post DS43
DS43 - high quality road post with increased service life.Flexible posts divider for road traffic DS..
700.00 грн
Buy dividing posts plastic and flexible dividers from a warehouse - low price

Dividing posts are used for the improvement of cities and villages:

  • for the formation of temporary traffic interchanges, roundabouts
  • with the help of dividers, traffic corridors are formed
  • dividing posts in urban landscaping are used to organize parking and fence zones
  • at gas stations, cafes with organized car access, car washes - where it is necessary to direct the flow of cars

The dividing posts are divided into plastic, rigid and flexible. Flexible road delineators are distinguished by an increased service life without replacement due to their recovery properties after a collision.

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