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Removable portable column ST02-N-500 stainless steel buy from production: pickup, delivery, availability, low price

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Stainless removable posts 50cm ST02-N-500.

The most demanded model among road removable columns.

Stainless steel

Features of removable poles ST02-N-500:

  • to remove the post from the starting point, you need to turn the beak in the lock, turn and lift the post up
  • the pole is completely removed from the setting point, and also placed on the installation point only by turning the pole and fixing it with a key
  • the lock in the top part of a column - a guarantee of the most long service life. During road works, especially in winter, when the road surface is treated with reagents, the lock remains inaccessible to dirt and water.
  • stainless steel body

Sharing with fixed poles - recommendations:

For public utilities, as well as any other services, including rescue ones, having access to the opening of removable road barriers, it is important to single out removable ones among the many stationary pillars in a matter of seconds.

When organizing the passage on the sidewalk, it is recommended for use in conjunction with stationary stainless steel poles SNB500-83 (50 cm high, 83 mm in diameter), as well as SNB750-83 (75 cm high, 83 mm in diameter).

Visual differences that will distinguish the removable column ST02-N from the stationary SNB:

slight difference in diameter (7mm) and also

the difference is in shape (stationary SNBs have a flat top, while removable ones have a rounded one).

No matter how long the lines with stationary poles are, the special services will quickly be able to navigate and organize passage to the required area.

Removable portable column (stainless steel) - installation features

when concreting the base part, we recommend using the post in the assembled state, i.e. the removable part of the post must be inserted into the base

it is necessary that the plinth be 2-3 mm higher than the road surface to avoid sewage ingress

it is necessary to ensure that the installation site of the removable pole is not lower in level than the surrounding road surface in order to prevent sewage from flowing there

when installing an additional plinth for transferring a removable pole into it for the time, it is also necessary to observe all the points listed above.

Removable column portable ST02-N-500 (stainless steel) - characteristics

Built-in lock, 3 keys
One secret is possible for any number of pillars - opening all with one key.
Cover for plinth included
Height 500mm, pipe diameter - 76mm
Underground - 250mm
Post - stainless steel, underground plinth - metal

It is possible to additionally install underground plinths and rearrange the columns from one place to another

Buy a removable column at a low price

Road poles available. We send all over Ukraine. Pickup possible.

We work with payers and non-payers of VAT.

In order to buy removable poles, place an order online, by mail or by phone / messengers.

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