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SNB500-83 stainless bollard

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SNB500-83 are stainless bollards of the SNB series, reinforced with concrete from the inside, having an installation pin inside the post, which comes out of the post and is concreted into the road surface during installation.

The design of the SNB500-83 stainless bollard provides exceptional protection thanks to the reinforced pin and concrete inside the stainless post.

The designation of this column in DSTU is the column SO-M-0.5

Stainless steel bollards SNB500-83 are designed in such a way that they require minimal maintenance even in aggressive environments.

The stainless steel bollard has a presentable appearance - a modern aesthetic that complements any style.

Care of stainless steel bollards SNB500-83 (SO-M-0.5)

SNB500-83 stainless steel bollards require minimal maintenance.

Steps to maintain the appearance of stainless posts:

  • remove dirt from the post with a soft brush
  • wash the pole with soap and water
  • wipe dry with a soft cloth

Stainless steel bollards can be installed together with removable stainless steel posts ST02-N-500. Removable bollards have a smaller diameter and a different type of bollard top, which will allow utilities and service providers to easily distinguish between removable bollards and fixed bollards.

Drawing of a stainless steel bollard SO-M-0.5 (SNB500-83)

Height, mm 500
pipe Ø, mm 83
flange Ø, mm 120
material concrete reinforced stainless steel
the weight, kg 6,7
DSTU 8751:2017
CODE DK 021: 2015 - 34920000-2 - Road equipment
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