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Buy plastic manual travel baton DZR01 STOP GO from a warehouse: pickup, delivery, availability, low price in UAH

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Plastic manual road sign DZR01 (STOP-GO)

A manual road sign is intended for temporary manual control of traffic, temporary stop of traffic or pedestrians and start of traffic again. The inscription STOP on a hand sign plate indicates a stop for vehicles, pedestrians or other road users. The GO sign indicates the resumption of traffic or the unhindered passage of vehicles, pedestrians and other road users.

The baton is made of plastic, has a comfortable handle and a double-sided information board with the inscriptions STOP on one side and GO on the other. The inscriptions are made on a reflective film, clearly visible at night, with poor visibility, under adverse weather conditions. The size of the adjusting sign is 43cm long. plate diameter 20 cm. its weight is 200 grams, it is user-friendly and highly visible to road users.

Manual road signs DZR-01 STOP - GO is a new development of our company, which we already supply to many organizations and services, customers of our company. We produce a handmade traffic sign and maintain a constant stock of these products in our company's warehouses.

You can buy a manual road sign, make a quick order at a low price through the website or by calling, or buy a manual road sign at our company's warehouses.

These hand wands are used by public utilities, road construction organizations, highway departments, patrol services, construction organizations, transportation services, etc.

Examples of using a travel hand baton:

in case of danger on the road, for the possibility of unhindered exit of technical vehicles, during roadworks, the passage of convoys, the passage of special vehicles, the stop of a traffic offender, the regulation of traffic flows ...

We hope our products will benefit you and make your work more enjoyable and safer!

For manual traffic control in road maintenance areas

Plastic, reflective stickers on both sides
  • Ø cm: 20
  • Length, cm: 44
  • Weight, kg: 0.2
  • Double-sided: STOP on red and GO on green

In stock

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