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Buy rubber dampers: wall, corner, resistant bumpers. From a warehouse at a low price in UAH

RU02 rubber corner damper
Corner damper for parking and protecting columns RU02 keeps the corners of the columns intact and pr..
235.00 грн
RU03 corner damper oval
To avoid damage to walls, corners and columns in closed parking lots and warehouses, rubber protecti..
260.00 грн
РБ01 гумовий упорний бампер 240х400х100мм
Захист стін та рамп від наїзда важкої технікиВисота 400мм.Ширина 240ммТовщина 100ммВага 9,4кгГума ви..
730.00 грн
РН02 гумова накладка на стіну 600х250х10мм
Довжина 600мм.Ширина 250ммТовщина 10ммВага 1,5кгГума високої якості, світлоповертаюча фарба..
219.00 грн
РН03 гумова накладка на стіну 1200х250х10мм
Довжина 1200мм.Ширина 250ммТовщина 10ммВага 3кгГума високої якості, світлоповертаюча фарба..
369.00 грн
Buy rubber dampers: wall, corner, resistant bumpers. From a warehouse at a low price in UAH

Rubber protection dampers are

products designed to protect walls, corners in places of limited space for travel or maneuvering vehicles and in other places where it is possible for vehicles to come into contact with a building or object. Protective dampers are usually made of impact-resistant rubber, some types are made of composite or polymeric materials.

The main types of protective dampers:

Thrust rubber protection damper

(also called thrust bumper, thrust buffer or thrust rubber bumper) - is a product made of impact-resistant rubber resistant to deformation, which is attached to the wall in the event of a possible collision with the vehicle. It is used in places of loading and unloading of trucks at the entrance in reverse to ramps, docks, gates, absorbs and absorbs shock loads in contact. Acts as protection of warehouse unloading loading ramps, protection of external walls of dock gates and protection of cargo vehicles from damages in places of loading of unloading.
For maximum safety and convenience, it is recommended to combine protective stop dampers with metal bumpers of the IFF series (metal bumpers for trucks).

Angular protective damper

(rubber bumper) - are rubber corners made of impact-resistant rubber with reflective elements of yellow color. Protective rubber corners can be of different types with a right angle and the same thickness of the sides and with variable thickness and rounding on the outside of the corner, it is called a rubber round angle damper. Rubber protective corners are the most common type of damper as it has many applications. They are used as protective corners in underground and multilevel parking lots, protection of columns, protection of wall corners in arches and restricted areas, warehouses and industrial areas, protection of entrance groups to minimize damage to the object and vehicle in case of contact.
Protective corner dampers also help drivers better navigate confined spaces, highlighting the most dangerous obstacles and the dimensions of restricted passages. Thanks to the reflective elements, the rubber protective dampers are clearly visible when the headlights come into contact with them in the dark or in places where there is no light, which makes it much easier for drivers to orient themselves. If the task is to protect the object from damage, it is recommended to install rubber angle dampers in combination with metal bumpers series MKU (metal bumpers) or MKK (metal bumpers for columns).

Wall-mounted protective damper

(protective rubber cover, rubber wall damper, rubber wall bumper) - are a black rubber strip, which can be of different widths with printed guides or glued reflective elements in the form of guides or color indicators. . Rubber protective dampers are used in underground and multi-level parking lots in places of spiral ascents, thanks to the contrast they help drivers to orient themselves in approaching an obstacle in conditions of limited space and the need for extremely careful maneuverability. Wall dampers are designed to protect walls from contact damage and chips, and vehicles from scratches of paint and dents. Due to their flexibility, wall protection dampers are mounted on round columns. It is installed as a wall-mounted bumper in garages, parking lots, if they border on walls, parking lots with limited space. The cover is attached to the wall to protect the door from damage during opening. Wall protection pads are widely used in industrial, warehouse and other facilities where there is a risk of damage to the walls by road or other technical means. At considerable blow the wall damper is capable to restore the form, at weak or moderate influence of traces on a protective damper as a rule does not remain. For maximum safety and convenience, it is recommended to combine wall dampers with RKS rubber wheel bumpers (prefabricated rubber bumper), LCD (rubber bumper) or with MKP series metal bumpers (straight metal bumper).

Warehouse protective dampers

(protective damper for racks, rack damper, bumpers for rack racks) - used to protect rack racks in direct or tangential impacts of warehouse loaders, trucks and other warehouse equipment. Extinguishes and dissipates the kinetic load from the impact, which significantly reduces the likelihood of damage to the rack rack. Bumpers are mainly used for racks in warehouses, warehouse complexes, warehouse terminals, logistics centers, shopping malls. The rack protection module is mounted directly on the rack rack and has a minimal effect on the free working space. To achieve maximum protection of racks and increase safety

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