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Speed bumps to buy from a warehouse - low price in UAH: availability

LPK01 round speed bumps 195mm
Polymer, one hole for installationHeight 40 mmDiameter is 195 mmWeight 1.2 kg ..
41.00 грн
LPK02 round speed bumps 150mm
Polymer, one hole for installationHeight 50mmDiameter is 150 mmWeight 1.4 kg ..
41.00 грн
LP03 speed bumps polymer yellow edge
Side section, yellow polymer,3 holes for installationWidth 470 mmLength 240 mmHeight 50mmWeight 4kg ..
135.00 грн
LP03 speed bumps polymer black edge
Speed bumps polymer black LP03-edge - description:Side section, polymer,3 holes for installationWidt..
120.00 грн
LP03 speed bumps polymer black center
Weight 12kg Height 50mmLength 490 mmWidth 470 mmLoad 80 tons.4 holes for installationCentral section..
257.00 грн
LP03 speed bumps polymer yellow center
Central section, yellow polymer4 holes for installationLoad 80 tons.Width 470 mmLength 490 mmHeight ..
285.00 грн
LP04 speed bumps rubber edge
Side section, rubber,3 holes for installationWidth 250 mmLength 500 mmHeight 50mmWeight 2.65 kg ..
240.00 грн
LP04 speed bumps rubber center
Central section, rubber, two reflective elements4 holes for installationLoad 110 tons!Width 500 mmLe..
470.00 грн
LP05 speed bumps rubber, edge
Side section, rubber,3 holes for installationWidth 650mmLength 315 mmHeight 52mmWeight 5.25 kg ..
360.00 грн
LP05 speed bumps rubber, center
Wide speed bumps LP05Center section, rubber, 8 reflective elements per section4 holes for installati..
790.00 грн
LP07-edge speed bumps rubber
Edge section, reinforced rubber2 mounting holes.Width 300mmLength 150 mmHeight 55 mm ..
195.00 грн
LP07 speed bumps rubber, center
Central section, reinforced rubber, 4 reflective elements,4 holes for installation.Width 300mmLength..
405.00 грн
LP07-cable speed bumps with cable channel
Speed bumps with LP07 cable channel - characteristics2 holes for cable routingCenter section, rubber..
405.00 грн
KR03 fasteners for mounting LP / LPK
Fasteners for mounting lying policemen.It consists of 1 nylon dowel 14x100mmand with 1 screw 10x120m..
18.00 грн
Speed bumps to buy from a warehouse - low price in UAH: availability

Speed ​​bumps

a means of forced speed reduction, artificial road unevenness, the requirements for which are spelled out in 2006 in DSTU 4123: 2006. Since 2020, there are new ways to reduce speed and GOST 4123 has been renamed from "Device for forced reduction of the speed of road transport equipment on the streets and roads" to "Means of traffic calming". The new DSTU introduces such concepts as Shikan, Mini-rings, Chokers, road hills, elevated pedestrian crossings, elevated intersections, inserts along the axis of the road. The speed bumps in their usual form according to the new DSTU are replaced by road hills.

What kind of speed bumps are there?

DSTU 4123: 2006 divides the elements of forced speed reduction by types and types. View A and View B are the main element and the side element of the speed bump, respectively. Type I, II, III - speed bumps are divided according to the size of the main section - its width and height. The first type includes narrow speed bumps, such as LP07, the third - the widest.

Speed ​​bumps are composite and consist of two finite elements and central ones. The number of center pieces depends on the width of the carriageway.

Speed ​​bumps, depending on the type, can reduce the speed of road transport to 30.20.10 km / h

During the installation of speed bumps, it is necessary to be guided by the requirements of DSTU 3090

How are speed bumps installed?

Each bump bump has mounting holes, with which the artificial road bump is anchored to the road surface. In order to correctly position the speed bump,

  • you must first place the speed bump on the road surface as it should be installed
  • then with a maker through the holes in the sections of the speed bumps, mark the locations for installation. Remove sections of speed bumps
  • drill holes in the marked places, hammer dowels into the holes
  • then the sections are returned to their places and through the speed bumps are fastened with screws into the dowels.

What are the requirements for speed bumps

According to DSTU 4123: 2006, device for forced speed reduction

  • must have contrasting yellow-black colors, while the area of ​​yellow must be at least 30% of the total area of ​​the speed bump
  • a speed bump is installed perpendicular to the carriageway so that it is impossible to bypass him
  • the speed bump should be designed to drain water from the surface
  • the coefficient of adhesion to the wheels must be at least 0.3

Which speed bump is better?

Rubber or polymer sand? How to choose the right speed bump? It all depends on the road surface on which the speed bump is planned to be installed. So, a rubber speed bump will calmly set on an uneven road surface and take its shape over time. It is best to install polymer sand bumps on a flat road surface, otherwise there is a risk that the section will not withstand a heavy load and burst. In the presence of conditions of a flat road surface initially, it is necessary to be guided by the effect that must be obtained from a speed bump. So, polymer speed bumps are available in only one version, rubber speed bumps are produced in several versions, which allows you to regulate different flow rates. The higher and at the same time the speed bump, as in the situation with LP07, the more it can reduce the speed of the car. In terms of service life, the presented polymer and rubber speed bumps have proven themselves equally well on the roads.

High quality speed bumps in stock and available to buy from a warehouse at a low price in UAH.

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