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Signal road posts C1, C3 any volumes in warehouses, low price in UAH

С1 сигнальний стовпчик дорожній об'ємний білий
Delineator traffic signal post C1 - the advantages of our signal bollards:reflectors are inserted in..
249.00 грн
С3 сигнальний стовпчик дорожній гнучкий білий
C3 signal road bollard is a safety device to prevent the driver from leaving the side of the asphalt..
235.00 грн
Signal road posts C1, C3 any volumes in warehouses, low price in UAH

Road improvement to improve road safety includes measures to inform drivers about the edge and direction of the road. These functions are performed by signal road bollards.

The presented signal bars comply with the requirements of DSTU 8751-2017.

The following types of signal bars are available and available to buy at a low price in UAH:

Signal road bollards C1

Signal road bollards C3

The difference between the presented signal posts is in the type according to the classifier for reusability and in the form of road posts.

So, signal columns C1 have a volumetric shape, made of durable plastic. At the same time, they belong to the type of road bollards that cannot be restored after a collision and need to be completely replaced.

Signal road bollards C3 are flat and flexible in their properties. Refers to the type of road signal posts that must be restored after a collision.

Signal road bollards are installed along the edges of the curb. Equipped with reflectors and have vertical markings in accordance with DSTU 8751-2017.

The production of the signal bollards from high quality virgin materials guarantees a long service life and resistance to road reagents.

Signal posts C1 and C3 are available and ready for shipment in any quantity

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