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Ramp Mounts

KR02 Mounts for mounting ramps and wheel bumpers
Mounts for mountingrubber wheel bumpers of the RK and RKS seriesrubber ramps PRConsists of 1 nylon d..
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Ramp Mounts

Mounts for mounting ramps
A ramp is called an inclined platform, the task of which is to ensure the descent or lifting of wheelchairs and prams. According to the rules, the structure must adjoin the stairs or be its alternative. With the help of the device, a person with limited mobility can easily cope with the ascent and descent independently. Mandatory designs should be placed in such institutions: hospitals, shopping centers, educational institutions, pharmacies. In addition, ramps are mounted at the entrance to the subway and tunnels under the roadway, house entrances.
The structures are divided into many types: stationary ramps, folding, removable, telescopic sliding, to overcome the thresholds of the ramp, roll ramp, with rail construction, platform. Each type has its own installation features. However, there are special rules for installing ramps.
One of the main characteristics is the inclined angle (march) - the ratio of the total length of the horizontal surface and height. The largest indicator of the angle of inclination is called 8%, but if the length of the device is about 20 cm, then it is allowed to increase by 2%. However, if the indicator is more than 10%, then people in wheelchairs will not be able to move around without the help of others. Also before lifting and after it is necessary to take into account a horizontal flat surface.
As for ramps for cars, the device must be designed firmly and reliably to support the weight of the vehicle. At the stage of planning the placement of ramps, one must take into account the presence of a large area for the access road, maneuvering and stopping large vehicles. Designs are installed using fixing anchors. These devices are the most effective types for mounting various objects of considerable size and weight. Anchors are used primarily for installation in concrete building structures. In addition, such fasteners are indispensable when it is necessary to connect dimensional metal structures.
Anchors work about the principle of anchors, that is, they provide connected elements with durability and reliability. The advantages of anchor fasteners include the speed of construction work, the maximum stability of the installed structure, reduced installation costs, high quality. An anchor is a combination of a dowel and a bolt, that is, it not only attaches to the surface, but also holds the structure. It is created from strong alloys of metals and consists of two parts: non-working (non-abrasive) and working, which changes its size inside the base.
Ramps can be made with any materials, but the strength and reliability will vary significantly. For example, a wooden structure can be made from thick boards. However, such ramps will not last long and they are not very reliable.
Metal structures are also not durable, but many use them. To do this, you can use a profile tube and a metal mesh. It is necessary to apply anticorrosion paint to the material before installation.
The ramp can be built from building material - asphalt. This is a great solution, as there is a good grip of tires with the road. Installation of such a ramp is as follows: first you need to fill in the appropriate place with rubble, and then level the asphalt material. You can make the press a special roller.

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