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Buy road guide milestones from a warehouse - low price

DS10-11 pole on base11kg
Total weight - 12kgHeight - 1245mmPole width - 300mm.Pole thickness - 60mm.Polymer base 11kgFrost re..
1 339.00 грн
DS10-17 pole on a base 17kg
Road guide pole on stand 17kg DS10-17Set - guide road milestone DS10 -S + base 17kgTotal weight - 19..
1 549.00 грн
DS10-27 pole on a base 27kg
Weight - 27kgHeight - 1245mmPole width - 300mm.Pole thickness - 60mm.Polymer base 680mm x 240mm x 14..
1 569.00 грн
DS10-S guide pole
A road guide pole is a temporary road barrier. Supplied with stands for signal milestones weighing 1..
819.00 грн
DF01 red road light
The signal road battery lantern is shock-resistantLens color: redSize, mm: 220x120x360Bilateral ligh..
587.00 грн
DP27 27kg base for road barriers
Base 25-27kg for road signs, fences, temporary barriers DP27Suitable for joint use with road markers..
750.00 грн
DS10-P11 base 11kg
The temporary road base weighing 11kg is used together with temporary road barriers asroad sign stan..
520.00 грн
DS10-P17 base 17kg for road beacon
Weight, kg: 17Polymer sandSize, mm: 490x395x90mm, blackHoles, mm: Ø60, Ø48, 30x30, 40x40, 60x60Frost..
730.00 грн
DS15 milestone with built-in stand 6.5kg
Guide signal road pole with built-in stand 6,5kg DS15Built-in standPole lowers onto stand for easy t..
1 250.00 грн
Buy road guide milestones from a warehouse - low price

Road guides are

portable plates with vertical guide markings in red and white. In most cases, made of plastic, hollow inside, can also be flexible.

The collapsible design of road milestones includes a plate with markings on a reflective film and a stand in which the plate is placed. Depending on the place of use, milestones are placed in stands of 11, 17 or 25-27 kilograms. So, when repairing roads with heavy traffic and high speeds, the heaviest stands will do. The total weight of more than 27 kg allows it to withstand high wind loads. On the roads, it is extremely important to observe the maximum safety of road barriers, so if signal guide poles with lighter stands (11 or 17 kg) are installed on the highway, they will have to be additionally weighted with sandbags that are placed on the stands. In the case of portable signs DS10, the height of the milestone on the stand is 1.3 m. DS10 poles have protrusions on both sides. With one ledge, the milestone is attached to the stand, on the second ledge you can install road lights DF01 on batteries. You can also attach solar-powered lanterns DF02 with improvised means.

There is also a one-piece design in which the stand and the plate are connected, while the whole structure is foldable and very convenient for transportation. These temporary road barriers are also used in places where road repairs are being carried out. The height of prefabricated structures ranges from 72 cm to 120 cm.

In both versions, the guide poles are equipped with reflective vertical markings on both sides of the plate.

Road guiding milestones are used in places where temporary vertical markings and the direction of traffic flow in a given direction are required.

Road milestones on stands are widely used:

  • As lane separators during road repairs
  • or temporary fencing of the road repair area
  • as a temporary replacement for pedestal guides in front of safety islands
  • As temporary road markings in high-risk areas with oncoming traffic
  • as a fencing of dangerous and emergency sections of the road
  • Save on road barriers. Guiding milestones in stock at low prices

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